What are the towels made out of?
Real Active towels are made using a soft microfiber suede material (80% polyester and 20% polyamide).

What are the dimensions of the towel?
The towels measure 85cms x 50cms.

What is the weight of the towel?
Real Active towels weigh 110g (115g with the packaging).

How do you wash the towels?
The towels can be either hand-washed or machine washed (on cold). 

Can you iron the towels?
We would not recommend ironing directly onto the towels. If you do wish to iron, please use a sheet or other piece of material to separate the iron and your towel.

Can the towels go into the dryer?
We would not recommend putting our towels into the dryer. Please dry naturally (they are very light, so should dry quickly)!

How do you ensure the safety of the dyes used for the towels?
All dyes used are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Diamond Drink bottles

 What is the bottle made out of?

The bottle is made from PETG plastic (BPA free), the cap is stainless steel and polypropylene and the strap is nylon.  

What are the dimensions of the drink bottle?
The bottle measures 11.5cm x 11.5cm x 27.5cm.

What is the weight of the drink bottle?
It weighs 200-220g.

What is the capacity of the drink bottle?
It fits 2.2L of liquid.

Is the bottle dishwasher safe? How do you wash it?
You can wash it in your home dishwasher (cold cycle), although we would recommend hand-washing it to avoid any scratches or damage to your bottle.

Do you need to wash the drink bottle before use?
Yes, please hand wash your bottle with soapy water then rinse thoroughly before use.

Is the bottle BPA free?

Can the bottle hold hot water?
Real Active drink bottles are made to hold tap and chilled water only and cannot withstand hot temperatures - so please avoid leaving in the car or sun too.

Can the bottles be put in the freezer?
As water expands when frozen, the bottles are not suitable for the freezer (please keep in the fridge instead). 

Why does the bottle have minor imperfections?
Our method of production means there may be minor imperfections such as blemishes and streaks, but these should not be noticeable.

If I drop my Real Active bottle and it breaks, can I get a refund?
Due to the size and weight of the bottles, they may not withstand large drops or knocks. Please take special care of your bottle to ensure its longevity, as refunds will not be given for bottles that have been dropped.