Charity Partners

We’re so honoured to support two incredible mental health charites, batyr and the Yoga Foundation and have raised over $24,000 for them so far. 10% of all proceeds go to these two charities. 

Did you know in an Australian classroom of 30 students, seven will be dealing with a significant mental health issue and only two of them will seek help? batyr aims to engage, educate and empower young people to have positive conversations about mental health.

Batyr Speaker

They offer a range of programs that 'give a voice to the elephant in the room.' From training young people to share their lived experience of mental ill health, to running dynamic programs in schools and universities, batyr aims to #smashthestigma surrounding mental health and encourage young people to reach out for help when they need it. 

We have raised over $12,500 for batyr so far, giving 501 young people the opportunity to experience a program at their school or University.

Batyr speaker

To find out more about batyr, visit their website here.


The Yoga Foundation

The Yoga Foundation delivers yoga based wellness programs to disadvantaged people with no access to yoga. They teach yoga, mindfulness and meditation to a diverse range of people and run programs in mental health wards in hospitals and prisons along with running specific programs for the homeless, youth, refugees and women affected by domestic violence.

The Yoga Foundation Team

With the support of Real Active, the foundation launched a new 'Combat Stress' yoga course for disadvantaged teenagers experiencing mental health challenges via Youth Off the Streets. Youth Off the Streets have said that the program has been invaluable, and after being quite reluctant to partake at the start, it’s now something the kids look forward to each week and are using the tools learnt to manage difficult situations in their lives.

We have raised $11,700 for the Yoga Foundation so far, which have funded 9 x 8 week 'Combat Stress' programs and helped fund a 3 day retreat for teenage girls, designed to develop self agency, teach self regulation and calm the nervous system. 

Combat Stress Yoga Course

To find out more about the Yoga Foundation, visit their website here. 

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