Feeling like you're in a funk at the moment? Lost your mojo? Less motivated than usual? Well you are not alone. The more and more I speak to friends, family and colleagues about this, the more I realise that a lot of people seem to be struggling. The last 12-18 months have been tough on everyone in some way shape or form. On top of the usual challenges that life brings, we seem to be less social due to lockdowns and restrictions and people are facing daily struggles and uncertainty. This all too common feeling was also felt by a number of our ambassadors so we thought we’d ask them what they do to get out of a funk. Here are their top tips.


My go to for getting me out of my funk is a support person or people. Having that initial conversation can be tough, but lately I’ve had to get my husband on board and understand I need him to help out with the kids to allow me to have some me time. I also lock in my best friend to keep me accountable. That support can be as simple as text messages to check in or planning workouts together.

Charise Walker - @thebodycoach_cw

Charise Walker - @thebodycoach_cw 


For me, a lot of that funk feeling comes from feeling guilty about the things I am not getting to. I therefore find if I do that thing first, before the craziness of the day happens, that sense of achievement keeps me feeling more motivated. Making sure these things become part of my day to day  “mandatory must do’s” really sees my mindset shift and that guilt fade away. There is actually science to this too, when we experience even small amounts of success, our brains release dopamine, which is connected to feelings of pleasure, learning and motivation.

Michelle Brown @thatmarketingmum


Earlier this year I decided to start doing laps at the local swimming pool. I hadn’t been swimming since I was in high school and I forgot how much I loved it. As soon as I hit the water, it was like muscle memory from when I was a kid. When my head is under the water, everything is calm and quiet and I can only hear my own exhales and I feel at peace.

Felysia Dirchalidis @effkaydee


I find it really helps to allow myself to feel whatever it is I’m feeling and constantly remind myself that it is ok to feel like that and that it will pass. Being outdoors in nature also really helps ground me. Listening to music that’s good for the soul and just taking time to be present and think of all the things I’m grateful for in life helps give me perspective. Recently I’ve also been reminding myself to ‘trust the process’ and I’ve found that’s also helping!

 Anisa Mahama @anisa_xo

 Anisa Mahama @anisa_xo


Stay in touch and reach out to those that uplift you. We all have those friends that after being in their company you just feel happier and walk away with a more positive outlook. Why not plan a catch up or simply give them a call to chat through how you are feeling. This can make all the difference to your mindset.

Emma-Leigh Maley  _rosiejaydesigns


If the house is a mess… leave it! I’m big on this one especially when feeling down and out. It will get done, eventually. The world doesn’t simply implode if your house is a mess, things keep on going. Focusing less on the little things in life, gives you more time to focus on what’s important.

Lara Friedrichs @fromflabtofabulous


One of my favourite quotes is "dance like nobody is watching" and this is something I certainly do when I feel like I am in a funk. I also find making myself move through exercise and planning a great sleep routine is also the best medicine. It is amazing the difference a great night's sleep can make. Sleep is not just essential for physical recovery and repair, but also for resetting your brain and keeping your hormones balanced.

Tatiana Flores @thehealthymummy.tatiana

Tatiana Flores @thehealthymummy.tatiana 


Setting goals has been a real game changer for me and something new I started because I needed to create a sense of purpose with my fitness goals. I decided back in early February, after I watched two of my friends complete two huge events, that I would like to do some kind of event myself. I decided on a Duathlon. I started off with baby steps and did the short course and over the races I had small goals. Having goals really helped to keep me focused and motivated with my training, so much so I was able to smash two out of the three race goals I set! It was such a great sense of achievement. I highly recommend goal setting for all aspects of your life.

Shalamar Wati - @shalamarwati

A big thank you to all our amazing ambassadors who contributed to this blog. It's so great to be able to share the perspective of real people, but more importantly for our community to realise they are not alone.

Michelle aka @thatmarketingmum

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