We are so blessed to have the most incredible stockists on board, beautiful businesses that not only love our products but are passionate about raising mental health awareness too. We thought it was about time we introduced you to some of the amazing people that run these businesses. First up, let's get to know the incredible Chloe from Style Active by Chloe, based in Warrnambool, Victoria.
Chloe from Style Active by Chloe
  • Tell us a bit about you.

My name is Chloe and with my mother Debbie we own Style Active by Chloe. I am 33 years young and I love all things health and fitness. I am a qualified Personal Trainer and Remedial Massage Therapist. I have been working in the fitness/health industry since I was 16 years old and have no plans of ever moving away from it. Women's Health, Fitness and Wellbeing has always been my passion and a very big part of my life. I love staying active myself and believe it's a way of life.

I am a proud new Mummy to our beautiful daughter Scarlett who is almost 6 months old. Since becoming a Mum myself I have a whole new appreciation for the female body and what we can do. Women are amazing! My passion for women's health and fitness is what inspires me in my business Style Active by Chloe. We aim to help Motivate, Inspire and Empower as many women as we can of all different ages.   

Chloe & daughter Scarlett, Style Active by Chloe
  • When & how did Style Active by Chloe begin?

Style Active by Chloe was founded in July 2015 which makes us almost 6 years old, yay! My Mother Debbie has owned and operated lots of  different business for over 25 years. She has owned a women's fashion store called Style 105 for the last 10 years which has been her main focus and passion. Style Active by Chloe came about one night when we were talking all things business, our passion and and a gap in the market. With Mums years of business experience and understanding of retail along with my health and fitness experience Style Active by Chloe was born.  I have always been a believer that if you feel good about yourself you are already one step ahead.  This was the inspiration behind starting Style Active by Chloe! We wanted to create a one stop shop for all your activewear needs. A place that's not only for women but celebrates them.

  • What’s been the best thing about owning Style Active by Chloe?

Wearing activewear to work every single day, haha!

The best thing has been watching and building a business I am proud of. I have met some amazing people and learnt so much about myself as well. I hope we can continue to grow our business over the years to come and continue to help motivate, inspire and empower women.

Real Active at Style Active by Chloe
  • What has been the hardest thing about running a business?

Find the balance between work and home life. Over the years I have gotten a lot better with balance and setting boundaries. It's a whole new juggle now with a baby but I am working it out and I am sure I will find that balance. 

  • How has Covid impacted your business, being in VIC?

2020 was a very worrying year for a lot of businesses in Victoria, including ours. We are still seeing the effects of Covid now with ordering stock and things not being available. Although 2020 was a very hard year to own a business, we also learnt a lot from it. We are so lucky to have some extremely loyal and supportive customers that really got behind us.   

Style Active by Chloe
  • If you could give one piece of advice to someone wanting to start their own business, what would it be?

Do your research. We did a lot of research before we opened our shop and online store. The more information the better.  

  • What does living a healthy, happy life look like to you? What are your non-negotiables?

My perfect healthy and happy lifestyle is all about balance. Moving my body everyday but also looking after my body and giving it rest when it needs it. Eating healthy wholesome food but also enjoying the extra yummy things in life. Challenging myself and pushing my boundaries but also being kind and having down time. My non-negotiables would be lots of love, laughter and family time. Family is everything! 

  • Why did you choose to range Real Active in your store?

I absolutely loved the amazing look of the Real Active bottles and the range of colours they come in. They are so unique looking and really help you drink more water. I also loved the towels and how practical they are. They dry so quickly and come in the best prints!  

  • What is your favourite Real Active product and why?

I love the Real Active big bottle. I always drink at least one full bottle each day and it makes me feel so good! I always have one bottle with me at work and one bottle at home. The Real Active bottle make it so easy to stay hydrated. 

  • What’s one of your fave quotes?

Happiness is not a destination, it's a way of life. 

Thank you so much Chloe for sharing your journey with us! We love your approach to life and that you are all about balance. You are an inspiration and we are so proud to be ranged in your store. 

You can find Chloe at @styleactivebychloe

Stay tuned for more Real Active retailer interviews. 

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