I shared this on our Instagram yesterday and I wanted to share it here in case it helps you too. We all have fears in life and it's so easy to avoid the things that make us scared... but growth comes when we challenge our fears and the stories we tell ourselves. Have a read of my journey below and let me know if it helps you! 

I was so scared - Carlie Victor

I was scared I would live with crippling anxiety forever and that I could never be present in my life. I would wake with a racing heart and be scared to do the simplest things like meet a friend for coffee. 

Now… anxiety does not control my life, I control my life. I experience moments of presence, calm and JOY most days! And I have all the tools in my toolkit to manage anxiety when it arises.

I was scared that I would never find love, that I would always be lied to and cheated on. I was scared I was unlovable.

Now… I have been with the most amazing man for 10 years. A man who absolutely adores me, who is my equal, who has so much pride in everything I do and who accepts me exactly as I am. A love that is so true.

I was scared that my broken heart could never mend itself to try for another baby (following a miscarriage) and that if we did, it would only end in miscarriage again.

Now… I have the sweetest 3 year old daughter who fills my heart with so much joy and reminds me to be grateful for all the little things.

I was scared I would never feel comfortable in my body. I remember wearing white pants as a teenager (yep that stage!) and hearing a boy say “her butt is WAY too big to wear those pants” and feeling so low.

Now… I know when people say nasty things, it is a reflection of them not me. And I wear whatever the heck I want to wear! I now embrace my curves and wear clothing that makes me ME feel good. 

I was scared to start my business. I thought I was not confident enough, that people would judge me and no-one would buy my products. 

Now… here we are, 5.5 years later, still creating products you love and making a difference to the lives of so many people suffering with their mental health! 

Your fears DO 👏 NOT 👏 DEFINE 👏 YOU.

Whatever you’re scared of, tell yourself “I am not going to let this story define my life.” Because that’s what it is - a STORY you have told yourself, NOT reality.

Here’s a new story for you…

“I am strong. I am enough.

I may be scared, but I can face my fears.

I deserve my dreams to become a reality.

And they WILL.”

Carlie with daughter Mila and husband Dimitri

Thank you for reading and I hope it helped you. Feel free to email me at or send me a message on Instagram if it did. 

Carlie x 
Mental Health Warrior & Owner of Real Active 

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