We as humans have so many layers, but sometimes only portray what we think is socially acceptable especially through social media. People feel they have to conform to societal norms or only share parts of their life that are fun or positive or reflect the brand they are trying to create. Hence why so many consider platforms like Instagram a highlight reel. How many times have you decided to not post the photo because it is not as pretty as what you envisaged on your feed? Don’t feel bad - we all do and it is more just an indication of how society is today.

But I do remember when Instagram was first launched, it was about authentically posting what you were doing in that “instant” moment. Photos were about delicious food, sunsets and amazing views captured on your phone. Now, nearly 11 years on, it has shifted to be so much more. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great people that share all the moments, good and bad, so maybe this is just a reminder to follow more people that are authentic? It really is good for the soul. I recently did a cleanse of all the people I was following on Instagram. I made a conscious effort to only keep following people that were doing what they do to either live their best authentic life or doing something positive for the world. It was really therapeutic. We also need to remember that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover. There is so much more to a person than what they post, and sometimes we have no idea what battles people are facing in private, hence why it is always important to ALWAYS be kind.

As a fun way to show just how much we don’t know about the people we follow, and how we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, we asked some of our ambassadors what are three things that people might not know about them. Here’s what they had to say:

@lifewithsaam - Saam Fowler

Saam, Real Active ambassador
  1. My middle name is literally “happy.” It is on my drivers license and birth certificate because my parents thought I was such a happy baby!
  2. I am almost 26 years old, but still love Disney movies as much as I did when I was little. Now that I have kids I have an excuse to get excited over them.
  3. I have always lived in a different state/country to all of my cousins and wish I could have spent more time with them growing up. Now I have kids of my own, I have absolutely loved seeing the fun they have together, especially on holidays like Easter and Christmas. It makes me so happy witnessing them make memories they will look back on someday!

@fromflabtofabulous - Lara Friedrichs

Lara, Real Active ambassador
  1. As a little girl I’ve always wanted to come back in my second life as a mountain gorilla. I believe you can come back as anything in your next life.
  2. I’ve always been super conscious about my feet. I am a size 11 women’s shoe and hope to get surgery in the near future to shorten my feet.
  3. I got all the way through year 12 and left one week before the end of the year. So technically I didn't graduate! 

@lulu_in_wonderland  - Louise Staltari 

Louise, Real Active ambassador
  1. I worked as a medical scientist for almost 10 yrs (stopped when I had my first baby).
  2. I've always wanted to skydive.
  3. I love 80s glam metal music like Def Leppard, Guns n roses, Aerosmith, Warrant but then I also love Italian opera- Pavarotti is my favourite - very mixed tastes!

@flourishingjessie - Jessie O'Meara 

Jessie, Real Active ambassador
  1. I’m actually so nervous when I meet new people, or even walking into a shop or cafe. I really get so nervous as I want to say the right thing. I just want them to be happy and enjoy our interaction. I am also scared of judgments others may pass. I really stress! So I fake the confidence at the start... the real confidence will come later but at the start it’s just scared me pretending, haha. 
  2. Meditation is something I do love but it’s a major learning thing for me as I often  find it hard and have to coach myself through it to get to my happy place where I feel peaceful. Even after all this time and how much I talk about it, it doesn’t come easy. I know the benefits and how I feel after so I keep persisting always.
  3. I really struggle to wake up in the morning. I’m such a night owl and go to sleep way too late. I try to be a morning person but it’s actually so hard for me!

@thatmarketingmum - Michelle Brown

Michelle, Real Active ambassador
  1. As a teenager I got to travel the world modelling in commercials. I actually spent my 18th birthday alone in Thailand though! I also spent the first six weeks of year 12 living in Singapore and working over there on my own at age 16. I look back at this and find it funny as I hate being in front of a camera now, I always feel awkward.
  2. I’ve always been a tom boy and much prefer to be in jeans and sneakers.
  3. I am a closet rev head. I know nothing about cars but I love watching the V8 supercars race on track, the sights and sounds and the atmosphere on track really are a thrill. By far my favourite driver is Craig Lowndes. I was lucky enough to first meet him when I was 14 at Indy on the Gold Coast, he is just the loveliest guy. My dream job then growing up was to work in marketing for a V8 Race Team. I have now had the privilege of working with Craig over the years running meet and greet events, festivals and charity motorcycle rides.

@gym_secretsclothing - Sara Sing

Sara, Real Active ambassador
  1. I’m from the Country - rural NSW.
  2. I’m a Registered Nurse and worked full time as a nurse before having babies.
  3. I’m going on Maternity Leave again in June. My first is 13 months old and will be 15.5 months when his sister arrives.

 @perfectlyimperfectkris - Kristy Cooper 

Kristy, Real Active ambassador
  1. I cannot wink.
  2. I’m terrified of birds.
  3. I’m an ex-fitness instructor and personal trainer and used to own my own gym.

@lyseelee13 - Elyse Veit

Elyse, Real Active ambassador
  1. I was a competitive Highland Dancer for 7 years and represented Australia up until I broke my back.
  2. I love event decorating (hence my business) but I don’t like balloons.
  3. I have been swimming with wild dolphins.

@effkaydee - Felysia Dirchalidis

Felysia, Real Active ambassador
  1. I was born in Australia but didn’t speak English until I was 3.
  2. I have a unique spine which only 10% of people apparently have!
  3. (The boring one lol) I work in I.T.

So there you have it, so many things we didn’t know about our ambassadors, some which really give you an insight into how they tick and what shapes them. We’d love for you to share three things about you on our Instagram post. Let's all work together to make social media and our interactions more authentic!

Michelle aka @thatmarketingmum

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