At Real Active, activewear has always been a huge part of our lives. The simple act of getting active has huge health benefits and a direct affect on your mood and mental health. If you are anything like me, the act of simply popping on activewear and some running shoes can have the ability to motivate you to get up and be active, not to mention make you feel super comfortable no matter what you are doing. Do you ever get more excited for that next workout when you know you have new activewear to put on? Tell me I am not alone here? So naturally when Carlie told us ambassadors she was launching an activewear line, we were over the moon and we were sooooooooooo excited to get our hands on it.

Activewear by Real Active

Carlie has created an activewear range that not only makes you feel good wearing it physically, but you are also giving back to mental health charities with every purchase! Another feature I personally love is the affirmations printed on the pieces. Cute little, yet powerful reminders to believe in yourself and that “you've got this”. 

believe affirmation on activewear

We have this beautiful group chat amongst the ambassadors which was going crazy the minute our activewear orders arrived. There were so many comments about the fabric quality, beautiful prints and colours, plus the flattering fit, but overall the most overwhelming feedback was about how wearing the activewear made us all feel. Many of the girls commented how they felt so fabulous and confident even when just wearing the sports bras with the leggings alone, but they don’t always feel like this in activewear.

Felysia wearing cheetah set

This got me thinking that many of us still don’t like to wear the short shorts or crops alone with tights, for fear of being judged for our body shape or size, or there is simply something about our bodies we dislike or lack confidence in when we look in the mirror. So this month's blog is all about bringing out more body positivity. Instead of worrying about the things we don’t like, I thought we’d ask some of our ambassadors what it is they LOVE about their bodies and their favourite form of movement that keeps them feeling physically and mentally strong!

Shalamar @shalamarwati
What I love about my body?! I love all the things that make my body unique - my freckles, my stretch marks and my scars. They all have a story that has made me damn proud of the body I have today. I also LOVE that it allows me to make everyday an adventure with my whānau (family).

My FAV forms of movement?! I’m a true believer in finding an exercise or movement that you enjoy. Some days I’m fizzing to do a HIIT workout and then the next I’m trying to find any excuse to get out of it. So this is where I like  to change it up. I do anything from at-home-workouts, swimming, social netball, walking, biking, boxing and HIIT. It’s definitely taken me a while, but I recommend listening to your body and choosing movement you enjoy!

Shalamar wearing the cheetah set
Shalamar wears the cheetah set (size XXL bra and XL leggings). Shop the cheetah set here

Emma @_rosiejaydesigns
I love my muscles in my legs and butt for the strength they contain, the power they have, the way they support and allow me to move on a netball court. Netball is my favourite way to move and I have been playing for 20 years. I have expanded my love for netball to coaching my students at school and also being on a founding committee of a new club this year. I love getting 'takes' through the air because of the stretch and reach of the motion. Many of my teammates would also say I love to send a bullet pass down the court. I have actually been playing in my social comps in my new activewear and it is so comfortable! For movement, I also see a PT which has me loving leg day (especially squats and Russian deadlifts).

Emma in Real Active navy bra & black leggings
Emma wears the navy bra and black leggings. Size M bra and size L leggings. Shop here

Louise @lulu_in_wonderland_
My fave parts of my body are my stomach & shoulders.

Movement wise, I really enjoy walking, Pilates and Konga (when I find the time for a class). I love that feel good vibe after I've moved my sets me up for the rest of my day!

Konga is a style of dance cardio class that is known to elevate mood by combining high intensity boxing, cardio and dance to the best beats. Hello endorphins!

Louise wears the Real Active black set
Louise wears the black set in size XS. Shop the black set here

Elyse @lyseelee13
What I love most about my body is that no matter what happens I can start again and my body is strong and able to move forward. I have always had larger legs thanks to a dancing career and now when I think they are too big I remember where they took me and that they keep me going!

My favourite form of movement? I love doing HIIT workouts as they involve cardio and strength training in one. They are horrible in the moment but I always feel so great and strong after. Last year I also set a goal to run 5km having always hated running. I actually learnt to enjoy it and now I like running. All movement makes me feel capable and strong. I love how a simple workout can clear a clouded mind and make you feel instantly better.

Elyse wearing Real Active navy set
Elyse wears the navy set in size M. Shop the navy set here

Michelle @thatmarketingmum
As much as pregnancy changes everything, I am so grateful and totally in awe of my body at 34 weeks pregnant. Sure it may hurt to sneeze or get around at the moment, but being able to support the growth of another human life is truly amazing. I am not going to lie, I have been the least active that I ever have been this pregnancy as I have herniated discs in my back and struggling with pelvic pain from SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction), but I have just accepted that this as another “season” in life rather than pushing myself! So for me it has all been about hip mobility, foam rolling and stretching. My favourite forms of movement are those that keep me feeling strong and give me some pain relief at this point of my pregnancy. I can’t wait to start walking again and get back into some Pilates once our bubba is here, and you can bet I will be rocking my Real Active gear!

Michelle wearing the Real Active cheetah set
Michelle wears the cheetah set in size M. Shop the cheetah set here

Thanks for reading this month's blog and a big thank you to our ambassadors for sharing. I hope that this inspires more of you to look at your body differently and get out there and do something for you, that makes you feel strong both physically and mentally. We’d also love you to get out of your comfort zone and tell us what it is you love about your body on our latest social posts.

Check out the beautiful range from Real Active here and use code TREATACTIVEWEAR for 15% off until tomorrow. 

Michelle aka @thatmarketingmum

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