We had the pleasure of attending the Happiness & Its Causes conference here in Sydney this week and learnt so much. 

Paul Taylor (leading exercise physiologist, nutritionist & neuroscientist) shared 7 tips for body-mind health and we loved them so wanted to share them with you too. They’re great reminders and proven to WORK! 

1️⃣ Exercise in the morning - we all know the benefits of exercising to produce feel-good endorphins and morning exercise is great as it charges your brain for the day.

2️⃣ Cold shower - Turn your shower to cold for 20 seconds in the morning. This has actually been proven to release norepinephrine (stress response protein) which strengths your immune system, meaning you’re less likely to get sick.

3️⃣ Mental rehearsal - name those 2 characters in your head (the best and the worst of you). What do they say and how do they make you feel? Then, decide to bring the best of yourself to each occasion e.g. work meeting or meeting someone new. Do you want to be Superwoman Sally or Negative Nancy? 

4️⃣ Brain booster breaks - sitting at a desk all day? Get up! Try 30 seconds of sprints (or a walk around the office if you don't want funny looks!)  followed by box breathing (breathing in for 4, holding for 4 then breathing out for 4 all the while counting 1 to 4 in your head).

5️⃣ Digital detox - put your screens away for 30 mins before bed and do something relaxing instead - read a book, have a bath or meditate.

6️⃣ Practise gratitude daily - whether that’s listing three things in your head or writing in a journal, gratitude is an incredible way to shift our mindsets. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for!

7️⃣ 12 hour fast - give your body a break for 12 hours overnight (i.e. have your last meal at 7pm if you eat at 7am in morning). This gives your body time to rest and heal and has actually been proven to result in a 36% reduction in breast cancer!

What are your tips for body-mind health? Let us know in the comments below! 

* 7 tips shared by Paul Taylor (leading exercise physiologist, nutritionist & neuroscientist) at the Happiness & Its Causes Conference 2018.

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