I know with so much uncertainty, many are struggling to move into the new year with the usual fresh motivation and grand plans, so we thought we’d tap into the minds of our Real Active Ambassadors to see what their goals are for the year. I say goals, because for some reason “resolutions” still don’t sit well in my head. I think it is maybe because working for so long in the marketing industry, especially with health and fitness clients, New Year’s resolutions usually revolve around changing something you don’t like about your exterior self. Well not this year, this year we are focusing on goals! Here are some of the goals our ambassadors will be working towards in 2021:

Real Active Ambassador Charisse

Our gal Charise @thebodycoach_cw is also keeping it real. “This year I have made a conscious decision not to set resolutions for myself... but instead create achievable goals that I can work toward daily to help me live my days in alignment with my values and as authentically as possible."

Charise also goes a step further to set SMART goals, (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound), splitting them up into different areas of her life like nutrition, fitness and mindset. What a brilliant idea!

Charise’s 2021 SMART goals are focusing on eating a meal a day intuitively and balanced macros for most meals, consistent workouts each week (3 x workouts per week & run/walk/yoga every other day) but also to hold a six minute plank and finally for her mindset completing a gratitude diary daily as well as 5-10 minutes of meditation and breathwork. “I also want to complete a manifestation workshop”.

Real Active Ambassador Elyse

Elyse @lyseelee13

Elyse’s goal for 2021 is simple, to be more present. “2020 taught us that so much can happen in a short period and we can lose contact with those around us quickly. COVID allowed me to slow down a bit and focus more (focus was my 2020 goal). Being able to be off my phone more and spend more time present with those around me has made me see a new side to people and to be more aware of how I am”.

Real Active Ambassador Shalamar

Shalamar @shalamarwati

Shalamar’s goals are to make health and fitness consistent in her daily life but with a balanced approach. “I want to live a balanced life eating deliciously amazing food, drinking amazing wine and beer and not worry about if one meal is going to ruin all my hard work, because it’s not and we are human after all right”!

She is also committing to be more present, especially with a young family and FIFO husband. “My goal is to be present and to make the most of that time with each other and all our loved ones. Family is absolutely everything to me”.

Real Active Ambassador Jessie

Jessie @flourishingjessie

Jessie says her main goals are “to realise I am enough just as I am and listen to my heart. I would love to feel more confident in life and trust myself more. I think confidence, self worth and love will help me experience more and try new things. It will also help me feel happier and less anxious too. It’s a long term goal for me and something I’ve been working on for years but sooo important”!

Real Active Ambassador Emma

Emma @_rosiejaydesigns

Emma says she is focused on her goal this year “to rehab my dominant arm to full function - so I can give my kids my best in the classroom and also get back on the netball court”.

Real Active Ambassador Lara

Lara Lockett @fromflabtofabulous_

Lara’s goals are all about health and fitness. “I am getting married in March so keeping my overall health good is important to me”. She’s also committed to be a little kinder to herself and keep her future goals in sight.

Real Active Ambassador Eliza

Eliza @limitless_lifestyle180

Eliza says her goals are to “make more memories and have more adventures with my babies, put a main focus on my physical and mental health, read more for my spirit and encourage my partner to do more things that free him from everyday stress”.

Real Active Ambassador Kristy

Kristy @perfectlyimperfectkris

In 2021 Kristy will be focusing on “taking time to do some breathwork and meditate each day, focus on daily gratitude, drink more water and nourish my mind and body with good food, thoughts and movement, working on becoming stronger in all areas of my life”.

Real Active Ambassador Michelle

And for me @thatmarketingmum, well three simple things will be my focus - get up earlier, move more and focus. No more multi-tasking (I am only going to have one tab open on the computer at a time)! I am going to be present in the moment and get a jump start on the day to avoid an anxious morning rush to get my daughter to school. I am really going to be conscious of what I give my time to, because it is precious. I am also going to put moving first, not last, because moving is not only going to energise my body and act as a natural antidepressant but also strengthen me to get through the day.

So remember, this year, let’s be kind and gentle to ourselves and others, focus on the positives and do everything we can to make it our year. You can’t control the things that happen to you, but you can control how you react to them.

Michelle aka @thatmarketingmum


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