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Georgie Stevenson
Forever helping me get my daily water goal in!

Georgie Stevenson - Real Active Testimonials

"Staying on top of my water goal helps keep my mind & skin clear plus you don’t mistake thirst for hunger! I love my 2.2L bottle but was so excited for these new 1.4L bottles with the sipper caps, perfect for gym!!" 


Simone Marie
The most glamorous bottles out!

Real Active Testimonials - Simone

“Love my Real Active drink bottles & workout towels! The bottles are the most glamorous ones out and the towels come in such pretty designs and are super soft. I also love that they support mental health which is so close to my heart.” 


Kate - Dedikated Lifestyle
Gorgeous designs & the quality is amazing!

Real Active Testimonials - Kate

“These big bottles are the best I've tried! Gorgeous designs, plenty of choice and the quality is amazing. The towels are also incredible, really moisture wicking and super soft. Can't recommend this company enough!” 


Keiara Moore - AussieMumVlogger
It's the little things!

Real Active Testimonials - Keiara

“I have drunk so much more water since I got my Real Active bottle and I love the convenient little zip in the towel - it’s seriously the little things! Makes it so handy for me to put my phone / keys in and gives me a free hand.” 


Nadine Muller
Forever getting asked where my bottle is from

Real Active Testimonials - Nadine

“My 1.4L bottle literally never leaves my side, with a handy sip lid and a unique diamond design, I’m forever getting asked where it’s from!” 


April Fit
My favourite workout towel!

Real Active Testimonial - April Fit

“My Real Active towel is my favourite workout towel. It’s so soft and has a pocket that’s perfect for your phone, car keys etc. Not to mention it looks better than most of my workout wear! I’m a big fan of small businesses, especially ones that give back to the wider community. Real Active is one of them! They donate 10% of the proceeds to mental health charities… if that’s not an excuse for new workout accessories then what is?!” 


Lucy Loves Fitness
Big fan, great products

Lucy Loves Fitness - Real Active Testimonials

“You would not believe how many conversations I have with people about my Real Active water bottles at work, I have three colours and everyone who sees them loves the design. I also have a couple of gym towels - the microfibre fabric is perfect for mopping my brow whilst also looking super stylish. They certainly brighten up the gym too! Big fan, great products, thank you!” 


Mel Manning
I love supporting companies that support others

Real Active Testimonials - Mel

“I'm an advocator and lover of all things health and fitness. I came across Real Active when I started training again post-baby and I absolutely love their drink bottles and training towels. I'm a big believer in nourishing your body with nutritious foods, your mind with exercise and feel good endorphins and always staying hydrated. I found post-baby I struggled to stay hydrated as being a first-time mummy becomes a little overwhelming at times and all your time and energy is going into your baby. I found I wasn't drinking enough water.
The best thing about Real Active drink bottles is that they’re 2.2L so I just needed to make sure I drank one of these a day. They’re so durable and stylish so it felt good taking my drink bottle out everywhere I went and I was always on top of my daily water intake. The workout towels are also so stylish! I love how compact and light they are and the little zip pockets to keep things in whilst training. I also love how absorbent and quick drying they are so no matter how sweaty you get, NO smelly towel! But best of all… Real Active supports mental health charities. I love supporting companies that support others!” 


Roxanne Cambridge
Glam reminder to drink water!

Roxanne Cambridge - Real Active Testimonials

“I absolutely love what Real Active is all about! The products are so amazing too - the water bottles are one of my favourites because they look so glam and carry so much water (reminding me to drink it too).” 


Danika Krnjaic
Amazing bottles & super soft towels

Real Active Testimonials - Danika

“I will only promote brands that I genuinely love and recommend and I am so happy to support Real Active. Their amazing bottles encourage you to drink water and stay hydrated and their towels are super soft and so pretty! I also love the concept behind the brand and their support for mental health.”